Of Art imitating Real Life

Mar 30, 2010

Mid this year, Paris is hosting the works of Edvard "Scream" Munch. And his most famous painting apparently is not going to be on view. The exhibition is on July the 18th 2010.
To be honest, I'm not very detailed on art. At least,  not lately. As a kid... we went around many an art gallery, dominantly European. Vinci;Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Manet, Paul Gaugin and Picasso...  formed the bulk of our little education.  The only Munch I saw ( or rather remember was Scream) 
I could not understand styles then...I merely categorized them and beautiful or ugly. What I do remember, is that when I saw " Scream" ...I was not particularly enthused. It was not quite appealing at least at first sight...it was well... ugly to me.

Then there was /is MTV that never lets me forget that one.

So , coming back to now...When I read that there is more to Mr. Munch ( he is Norwegian, Circa : 1863-1944)...I did get curious. His most famous painting is not going to be on display.

So, I started looking up his work..he has many " thematic" ones...and while, I really cant comment on technique or style... I can say one thing for sure, these very sad ( in the subtext ) and seemed largely experience oriented or deeply felt.

I'm still not so sure, if his art appeals to me...but I do realize he is very vivid and that must be appreciated.

Its the next day...and I'm just glad yesterday is over.
I survived the day (...and something crummy like Despair I guess she was probably...lurking around me somewhere today.)

I also survived a few more things for instance a) The  hilarious " Breaking News" on TV...that of Sania Mirza is marrying Shoaib Mallik ( what do we care, and why is it making prime time headlines???).
Beats me...and I thot that the " The Week That Wasn't" came only once a week. Well..I go wrong...no arguments on that.
(Was Delirium all around too...I mean not just me...but everywhere ?)

And then there was b) I surviving  the mild "carb attack" in the evening...I was weak...I have no excuse, but I'm only human... ( seems Desire too visited me).

c) I also have had to put up with a nice little  bruise on...of all the places ...my else and more specifically ...my funny bone ( its black and blue now). Ask me how I got it...I banged against a chair at home accidentally. ( or was it Destiny's doing)

and all of this started with last nights sleep...didn't go well... awoke with a sore neck ( did not Dream deep enough?)

De ...is for lots of thing :D