Summer Solstice

May 11, 2010

I like it now days when the daylight extends longer than what it used to-- a few months back. Just a little bit more of warmth before it gets , well-metaphorically, cold again…
They says it’s the summer solstice, but I like to believe…that we do not need any definition for recognition. The common is uncommon only because of the way you perceive.
To me, the longitivity  of the summer glow…makes every conclusion that much more logical…especially when so many finalities are just around the bend. It is that much comforting to know that the eyes can gaze reality a little bit longer, before the world dims…and slowly fades for hours into that oblivion of man made luminosity, where you indeed do sense brightness…but can not fathom any radiance or veracity.
Then, encased in our conditioned  fortifications…which have many a name , we engage with the ever eloquent and masquerading Quiet, covertly yearning for the tranquility of every day bustle.

Its all very strange indeed.
Anna said...


I am trying to find out the origin of this artwork. I love it. Can you shed any light on the matter?

Thank you x