Blues and Butterflies and San Francisco on a Toothpick!

Apr 13, 2010

The Harmonica, was not particularly my favorite musical instrument-for a really long time and I reckon that has probably got to do with having got one to try out really young albeit never being to make anything but a  cacophonous tooting , much to the dismay of the Dad!
But things changed, as they often do...when I heard Oh, Susannah--a song famously associated with the California Gold Rush ( written by Stephen Foster).
Now, the Gold Rush, by itself was an interesting phenomenon...I actually learnt about it first from one of the Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd cartoons!
And of course, growing up...history was never as much fun as it was with Bugs!
...But something about the tune ( as also the song, but more the tune...lingered in my mind…) And that one wistful melody...sort of introduced me to blues then jazz..and the rest is history!
I remember asking Dad, how could a tune be happy and sad at the same time, I mean thats how the tune touched me... welcome to the Blues he said!

I caught them early, I guess...the Blues.

The song is playing in my mind...And I'm still grappling with a few thoughts... I guess happy and sad can get together in harmony in a song...its probably easy for them , a song is a neutral base, and not a catalyst for any fireworks.
It's a different thing all together when you are human.
Both emotions together, sort of keep you mixed up...

Its difficult when you are hard wired to practicality, but softwared with a heart that is footloose and fancy free...the definition of happiness then is in  such a constant state of flux...
Sometimes, you want to chase that's so away with the fields...vast are golden...amongst trees...lush with green...and beautiful...clear blue sky....
If only your legs were not tied with a limited string....that will make you run only so far...and then no you back...pull you back ....

I read about a very interesting dude : Scott Weaver, now here is a guy ...who didnt let his passion die.
Now, what can you do with a whole lot of match sticks??? probably not much.... I mean you and me.
But Scott Weaver, he can build you the replica of the Golden Gate Bridge!!
Seems he just could not stop his fancy!  And what he started as a whim when 17, he just  kept going on...!
He put 3000 hours and a 100000 toothpicks to create his master piece---the entire city of San Francisco!! Now thats what I call a passionate obsession!!