Apr 30, 2010

Its been a bit spaced out lately...with very little on my mind subjectively...just the very immediate.
There is also this realization in very objective terms...that  our needs and wants are always different and distinct.

So, till I shake this fuzzy feeling, I am just gonna tell it like I see it ... tomorrow cud be another day and I could feel energetic. Thats obviously a maybe.

Esquire has this really nice observation on today's  culture....It sure is strange how charm and likability can be found amongst those feigning grieving and pining!!
Really ! I mean, just look around you, the"Wimpy Kid" rules.  Leading examples include pouting lips ( rob pattinson) and forever crying  (john mayer). 

If weakness ever had its moment...this is it. 
You turn on TV, for instance, and every confessional has a weep session .... Singers cry...Dancers cry...even Comedians ...Everyone seems  to be  moved.
The victim stance...it helps with the TRP's I suppose. Real Life is no different at all
So where has masculinity  and bravado disappeared? Show me a hero not a moaning myrtle.

There is always a gimmick going on these days.
Take the simple case of eyeglasses...they are medical devices per the FDA. Of course, if you really compare it to "medical devices" like blood sugar meters and x-ray machines...the eye glasses come across as fashionistas.
There are so many around doing the same thing, but looking different. The frames ....they don't do a thing to you technically...but yet walk down a street and notice the "glasses"...silent personality cue cards.  Round, Rectangular, Square...maybe a trapezoid even....who knows? :D  Enhanced with UV protection or photo-chromatic and anti fog...wow!  Are we talking of Eye wear here or a Car??
There was a time when, it sort of make u a bit clumsy having them on...maybe  gave you an aura of vulnerability and goofy' ism'...today, its Hip...it enhances confidence ( depending  in degrees of "in" style hierarchy )

Dogs have them too!!!
Well, ok...they not vision correctors, but shades...still...

Dapper, Geek, Modish...or maybe Dame Edna, there is one for every personality...and why forget the encrusted ones?...feathers, rubies...crocodile skins !!! Go Figure.