OMO ( on my own)

Dec 11, 2015

One of the many interesting questions I get asked now a days by various folks and acquaintances ( at an interesting frequency rate to boot ! ) is what do I do with all my time ? Do I get edgy ? Do I miss having to go somewhere 5 days of the week ? Do I miss engaging with other "human beings", how am I "coping" ? and what do I mean when I say " I'm at home"'s with such genuine curiosity ( and often smugness ) that I  get asked - that it almost behoves a response from me, when I would rather just give a curt reply or worse withdraw iso my own shell. 

What is interesting is usually the way the "concern " gets expressed . It says a quite a bit about our wiring now a days . And it makes me wonder why have we come to the point where we measure ourselves with the extent of our seeming "busyness" ? , is the concept of  a "break" or  "doing nothing" a sacrilege? - and what's with the smugness ? .

To be entirely fair - times ( in general everywhere) are not easy for most of us ( me included ) , the ordinary , middle class folk - it does take a bit to make ends meet. But the key question I assume is how much is enough to be happy and or content ?  And the answer to that can vary - I wish there was a right answer like- "not much", but that won’t be the truth. 

I think the answer is a bit more “subjective” than “objective”….what would it take for you to be happy ( with out the illusion of “The Chase” ) ? or  maybe the answer is in the words of Baloo from Jungle Book :
"Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature's recipes
That brings the bare necessities of life"

So what would be your bare necessities ? :)

So , looping back- what does this boil down to ? “Busyness” is important…I won’t deny that- but its being busy with what you love more relevant and important than anything else…and nothing else other than your sense of how you feel should really matter. Certainly, not any pecuniary barometer which only ups the ante on your anxiety. For example- you can start by being busy by “Being You” - it will take time to undo all the facades and wipes off all the layers of make up - before you can see your own skin…and then you begin being comfortable in it. Then you can be busy trying to figure out what would make you happy ? That takes some work. And you could go about finding and bringing into your life what would make you happy ?…so you see its really up to you ….there is really a lot to do if you think about it.

Up to sometime ago- I figured such musings were for the pansies - I mean who spends time on “yourself” and who has the time to really go down this “ pointless “ thinking and lengthy mental meandering path which leads to nothing but fanciful thinking? ….I guess here again its a mater of perspective. For me knowing what made me happy and what did not was getting vital…I don’t know about reincarnation and the next life…I know I have this life and only so much of it left….I want to spend it being Happy. So for me embarking on this journey made complete sense.

So the answer to all the smug questions is no - I don’t miss anything, infact its liberating being OMO. I tend to get busy nourishing myself - emotionally, spiritually. I don’t feel the need to be surrounded by people…because at this point in time - The one I’ve ignored the most “ME” is some one I find entirely engaging 😃.