I got up late ...but so what ?

Jan 30, 2016

It's 2016...and its time to Rock n' Roll!!!
I know I'm late at kicking this gig off...but hey, it's taken me a little while ( a lot longer than expected...I know, I know...) to get into the groove of things...because as usual I am pretty indecisive- swinging between should I start today or is tomorrow better ?

And then yesterday I read this really cool quote...in fact it was a delicious quote from a smart woman ...Stella Adler. 

So I ask myself, will 2016 be that year? Will it be the year the "real" me stands up and faces her truth ? Will the real me take a stance on what dream I would like to chase and then vigorously chase  it ? I am hoping I don't slump into laziness or defeat...especially not after all that passed over the last few years. It would be a shame if I did.


So, here we all are on a brand new page ( actually there is no book or new page...but whatever works !) but here we all are thinking that we have got a new start...a new reset..but time has always been ticking. It's been ticking since you were born ( or conceived), every day is logically new...every moment in fact is always new. So, I always wonder what is it with "new starts"?
But, I would not want to beat that line much...it's a good thing, no matter how irrational. 
As living and thinking beings , we are psychologically pumped up with hope and optimism and that's really what we should hold on to...and that's what we really need to move " forward" into. 
Time is always moving forward - and we should do likewise. We don't really need an occasion ...but if it helps emotionally or psychologically...then great, go for it. But the truth is...you don't need an occasion to "reboot", "kickstart" or whatever term you might want to use. And that's why I get beat with myself...I fall into this trap all the time and slump into laziness of "later today" instead of chasing the dream from "now" - this brand new moment.

So, what's your story? :)