May 16, 2016

Sometimes, you question the path you take. 

The last few weeks have been challenging and interesting in many ways. I have been living outside my bubble and now i uneasily breathe a concoction of experiences that i would normally alienate , or disregard. Everyday my sense of sense of self gets questioned, inside of me a voice questions my motives and all that I stand for , what is my truth ?

What is Truth anyways?

My dreamland has lately erupted with all my secret fears and feelings. Its unsettling but also vastly revealing.  I thought my cravings were diminishing by the day…but they are well alive into the night in my dwam or dream. And then there is “need” to search for calm and intense calm - and I’m not so sure if I can handle so much calm. Sure a 60 minute calm is doable…anything more “seems” stifling. Maybe its not- but I question my readiness.
And then I realise...

Life will not wait for you to get ready.

So I continue to struggle with what to do professionally, personally and spiritually. Being away from Heartman for such a long time also makes it hard. And the tough task of working out the method to this madness around me ensues.

There is no rest for the wicked. ;)